What are the benefits of belonging to a CSA?

  • You are directly connected to your food source and can ensure its quality and safety
  • You receive a modest discount on many items
  • With our CSA you can choose exactly the items you want.
  • Your money stays in the community and supports a local business, open space land, environmentally sound practices, and healthier food.

Who is the best person to join a CSA?

Families, groups, friends, individuals, who: 

  • Utilize a weekly amount of produce for fresh consumption and processing. 
  • Are committed to working directly with a farm. This is not like getting your produce at the grocery. Farms are subject to an incredible number of variables 
  • Recognize they are part or the growing cycle, not just a recipient of food, and this brings some responsibility/tolerance from the member.

Can I join with others/is there a half share?

  • Deep Meadow Farm only offers a small share and a large share.
  • You can join with one other member, but we only recognize the primary share holder
  •  We can add one additional email address to the primary account
  •  All issues related to the account are the responsibility of the primary account holder

How do I sign up?

  • We use a program through a company called Farmigo for all ordering and sign up options.
  • Once you log in, you will create an account and choose a payment plan.
  • Once you choose the options you want, we accept checks as payment.
  • You will choose a primary location during the enrollment process, but can change at any time.

Do I have to create a new account each year?

  • No, your account information is stored and you can look at the history of your ordering from year to year
  •  You choose a payment plan and location each season but retain your account information.

What if I change my mind after I’ve signed up?

  • Once your check is mailed there is no refund
  • The farm uses the CSA dollars to cover early expenses and is a primary purpose for having a CSA

How do I get my order?

  • Each Sunday the farm sends an email notifying you an order has been created, After you can the log into your account and place your order.
  • When you enrolled you selected a location. Each week a truck will meet you at that location or you will pick up at the farm, at the designated time
  • YOU MUST order before the cutoff time:
    • Tuesday pickups: Monday at midnight
    • Wednesday/Thursday pickups: Tuesday at midnight
  • If you pick up on farm, you can come after the 4:30-6 pm pickup and your items will still be in the back of the barn.
  • At all pickups, please bring a box, bag, or some container to transfer your items, from our box, into yours.

What if I miss the cut-off time for ordering?

  • You will need to wait until the following week
  •  The cutoffs are usually 24-48 hours before delivery.

How much do I have to order?

  • There is no minimum on orders
  • We recommend an $18-25 a week order, depending on your share size.
  • !! IMPORTANT!! There is a $32 and $50 maximum on weekly orders (based on share size.
  • !! IMPORTANT!! Although there is no minimum, it is important to track your balance, and divide by the number of weeks remaining. We will include this number in our weekly emails. Because of the MAXIMUM, if you dont place regular orders there may come a point where your balance will exceed your ability to completely spend down your account.
  • There are no refunds.

Can I order as much as I want of an item?

  • The system has built in limits on some items, depending on availability.
  • The only limit are the weekly maximums.

Can I miss a week?

  • How you manage your account is up to you. It is easier to miss weeks with the larger share, as the smaller one has less of a bonus built into it.
  •   The system has a feature to enter weeks you will be away. Please enter weeks you know you will miss into your account
  • Each week you have a specific amount of credits to spend. They do not carry forward. We have built in a bonus amount that can either be spent or used to not order.

Can I use my CSA Dollars at the farm stand?

  • All CSA members will receive a 10% discount at our Farm Stand, but can not use CSA dollars at the stand.

Are Eggs included with CSA?

YES, as available

Can I change my pickup location?

  • Yes, in your account settings you can change your location
  • You need to change your location before placing your order
  • !! IMPORTANT!! If you change your location MAKE SURE to reset the location for the following week.

How does Pick-Up work?

  • We have a set time the truck arrives. Or, you come to the back of the barn on Thursdays
  • The truck stays at the location until the last person there has received their items.
  • With a few exceptions the truck leaves as soon as boxes are dropped.

What happens if I miss pickup?

  • You may miss once during the season
  • Your order will return to the farm as soon as the truck does
  • We will store you order until the following Sunday evening in cold storage, at which time it will be donated to the food bank.
  • You can retrieve your order at the farm either Fridays before 2 pm or Sundays at noon.
  • !! IMPORTANT!! You need to let us know you are coming, usually by email.
  • This courtesy will not be allowed to become a regular occurrence.
  • There are no credits for missed pickups, and your account has already been charged.
  •  We cannot insure the quality of the items order, but will do our best.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the quality of my order?

  • In most situations we will almost always just add a credit to your account.
  • Sometimes we may request more information as it will help us to improve our service
  • Each item is hand selected and size and quality can be effected by conditions beyond our control.
  • !! IMPORTANT!! All requests for credit need to be emailed and submitted prior to the Sunday within the week of delivery.

What happens if I am missing an item?

  • If we forget an item, deem the crop to be unsatisfactory, or there wasn’t enough at picking time…. You will receive a credit.
  • If you don’t double check your order at pickup and leave an item… There will be no credit.


On the banks of the Connecticut River and in the shadow of Mt. Ascutney are 50 acres of deep river bottom soils. Each season we grow Organic vegetables while nurturing this beautiful land. With family and a great team, we are dedicated to providing natural  produce, flowers, herbs. and meat. You can purchase our products from our farm stand, CSA or local farmers markets

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