So What’s The Plan?

Winter 2021

At this point our Farmers Markets are closed

We are offering on-line ordering  The following is what is currently offered:

  • December through March we will be offering online ordering for selected sites below. All order cycles will open at noon on Sunday and close at midnight on Wednesdays.

    ​We will be delivering to the following locations utilizing the schedule indicated:

    Brattleboro: Every Saturday December -end of March. visit the markets site to place orders

    Woodstock: Bi-Monthly, December 4th/18th. Jan 1st ( on December 30th)/15th. February 5th/19th. March 5th/19th

    Pickup is between 4:00 and 6:00PM in front of the Chamber until further notice.


  • Norwich: One Saturday a Month. December 11th. January 8th. February 12th. March 12th.

    Pickup is between 11am-12:30pm. At St Barnabas Church, 262 Main St., Norwich VT


Farms and Community

 In an effort to become secure in our future it is essential to restore local sources for food. At the center of this effort will be a combination of individuals growing their own food and sustainable farms that can supply the balance. We invite you to go beyond putting food on your table and join an important movement that will restore the sovereign control of our food, TO YOU!

Our farm is just one of the gateways for you to bring the food “back home”. As stewards of the land we grow food with an important focus on the health of the land as we support the health of our community. Our practices recognize the delicate balance between the natural world and our utilizing those resources to produce food.