We have offered a CSA since 1987. Last year was our final year as a CSA farm. We now offer a great new program through our farm stand. “Farm Direct”, is designed to offer all the best features of our CSA but lots of great ways to still get our wonderful products. We are very excited about this new program and its flexibility for our customers. For all the details visit the “Farm Direct” page.

Farms and Community

 In an effort to become secure in our future it is essential to restore local sources for food. At the center of this effort will be a combination of individuals growing their own food and sustainable farms that can supply the balance. We invite you to go beyond putting food on your table and join an important movement that will restore the sovereign control of our food, TO YOU!

Our farm is just one of the gateways for you to bring the food “back home”. As stewards of the land we grow food with an important focus on the health of the land as we support the health of our community. Our practices recognize the delicate balance between the natural world and our utilizing those resources to produce food.

If you have never stopped by, please come visit us. Peruse the farm stand, take a hike to the river for a swim, checkout the way we use greenhouses to grow greens throughout the winter, or just take a walk through fields of fresh produce.