After years of offering a CSA we have discovered customers want great produce with as much flexibility as possible. We are no longer offering a traditional CSA but, have designed a new program that allows for our members to have the same quality we are known for and none of the time constraints, product limits and missed pickups. At the same time the farm continues to benefit from the early investment, to aid us in early expenses. the “Farm Direct” card can be used at our farm stand or markets during the summer season. It can not be used for winter markets or winter CSA.

This new program offers all the items available through our farm store for purchase. There are no limits, either maximum or minimum, and more money can be added to your account at any time. There are no expiration’s on your funds, but bonus funds can only be added as a preseason benefit. Any card level makes you a member of the farm and allows you to access whatever items are on sale each week.

The only downfall…. we don’t sell year round and the store has hours. Otherwise, what a great deal!!. more value for you, with the same investment.

How does it work?

  • Choose one of the plans from the list below.
  • For maximum benefit, purchase a card before May 1st of each season
  • Either pay online, or send us a check.
  • Come to the stand at your convenience (once we open) and pick-up your personalized card, during store hours.
  • Purchase any items using your card.
  • Use your card to purchase the weekly “sales” item.
  • Use your card until the account is depleted, without expiration.
  • To continue participating in member benefits add additional dollars, as needed, throughout the season.
  • ~we require a minimum of $100/ or all funds to be used, each season, to avoid a yearly administrative fee~
  • ~ there are no refunds or credits for membership funds. we do offer credit for any product that does not meet your satisfaction~
$400$50 Bonus
$450 Value
ALL Purchase
before 5/1
$200$20 Bonus
$220 Value
before 5/1
$50 No BonusALL No Deadline


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