Looking forward to our 2022 season we have the following positions open:

Preference will be given to individuals living within the local area

Please note: most positions do not begin until late April at the earliest

  • Field Crew-FT (Late April-November)
  • Greenhouse Manager-FT (year round)
  • Packhouse/Greenhouse-FT (Late April-November)
  • Market Assistant-PT (friday/saturday markets. May-October)
  • Delivery Driver-PT (Tuesdays and Fridays, June to early November)
  • Farmstand- PT/FT Variable hours/includes weekends)

The Real Dirt

The goal of Deep Meadow Farm is to grow and sell food, herbs, plants, and flowers in harmony with the ecosystem; To have a positive interaction with the public through the Farm Stand, and Farmers’ Markets; To educate those who are interested about local agriculture in Vermont and develop a successful, sustainable, farm business. Farming is hard work. The rewards are often not financial, but personal, and of greater meaning. Individuals who pursue an internship in farming should be prepared to work hard and at times make personal sacrifices. We who chose a career in Organic farming do so out of a deeper sense of our role as beings in a complex ecosystem.

We look forward to sharing this great journey with those who spend the season with us. The work is hard and the days can be long. Taking sufficient breaks (to the nearest swimming hole) and pacing oneself through a task is very important.  If one is unsure of what exactly they have been asked to do, please, do not hesitate to ask for further instruction. Everything is done with one another working together or in succession.  So many hands are involved with even the smallest project.  Again, learning is part of this job and that includes learning to work with each other as we take a river bottom field and create a blend of colors, smells and tastes beyond your imagination!

Employees may do any of the following: Work with soil (amend, dig, tests), work with plants (transplant, prune, trellis, harvest), irrigation, greenhouse work, field work, hand tools, machine tools, harvesting of produce/fruit, cleaning/preparing produce, packaging product, value added production, marketing & distributing product, data entry, record keeping, and any other odd chores that are needed to enable the fluid running of the agricultural business called Deep Meadow Farm.

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